Ormond Internal Medicine: VIP Care Club

  • A Health Program for Medicare and commercially insured patients UNIQUE in Volusia County
  • Together we are creating an ongoing partnership as you Aspire To A Healthful Life!
  • A Medicare-advocated program to assure a HAPPIER life and, in many cases, EXTEND LIFE!!
  • Increased contact: Calls, electronic messaging, emails, online chats, video calls from your trusted OIM team
    can help monitor your health on an ongoing basis.
  • Monitoring medications: Many chronic care patients take multiple medications. Keeping track of
    medications, preventing negative drug interactions, ensuring appropriate doses can be critical.
  • Creation of a comprehensive personalized Care Plan: This Care Plan can be accessed via the Internet
    with your permission by any medical professional, whether a pharmacist, specialist or, critically, in an ER!
  • Dr. Gail van Diepen, Dr. Heather Garofalo and APRN Kelly Doggett are better informed of your condition on
    a regular basis so if any changes to your health care are needed, they can be addressed before they become